Clackline–Miling railway

The Clackline to Miling railway branch, originally known as the Clackline to Newcastle railway line, is a railway line in Western Australia.

As it was progressively developed various sections were named differently. Each section of the line needed separate lobbying and discussion in the Western Australian Parliament to get enabling acts. The final section was approved in 1920 and completed in 1925.

After completion it became known as the Miling branch, following final expansion north to Miling, and the closing of the Clackline to Newcastle (Toodyay) section.

The railway line to connect Newcastle to the eastern railway was considered to be best started from Clackline, rather than Northam. The original terminus of the line in the 1890s was a platform, it was later that the second stopping place properly known as Toodyay railway station was completed after the extension to Newcastle-Bolgart Railway was completed.

Following the construction of the standard gauge railway through the Avon valley in the 1960s, the connection with Clackline was no longer needed, and was closed with other former eastern railway connections in February 1966.

It is now a heritage trail.

In the 1960s the railway line from Toodyay to Miling was altered by the construction of the Eastern Railway through the Avon Valley, through Toodyay and a connection with Northam.

The fate of the railway has been put in question due to the separation of wheatbelt railway lines being designated into specific tiers.

The railway line was developed over time, the construction taking fifteen years to travel over 100 km.

Names used as found in WAGR Annual reports in the 1950s